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During over 10 years long journey with software development we gather team of experts that could help you at any stage of product development.



Research project’s: goals – long and short term; limitations; overall scope; audience and market



Preparation and review of UX and UI for the whole project. Analysis and preparation of software architecture



Phase of software development, business analysis, environments configurations: test, production.



We will ensure the system is fully functional and performs optimally until the system reaches its end of life

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Social Responsibility

Based on our experience with zero waste and food sharing projects, we’re proudly offering mobile applications that can make your case stand out. SelfSmart’s Social Responsibility can help to reach a large audience with meaningful message. Therefore will help with fulfilling yours company social responsibility goals.

Either NGO or Corporate will make a difference.


  • news feed for: public availability; logged users only
  • location based items: find nearby; sort by distance; driveby alerts
  • Interactive items: Add reactions; Notify users (emails, push messages, in app alerts)

Notify users

  • emails
  • push messages: iOS, Android, Web
  • in app alerts

Manage items by content manager

  • create
  • edit
  • delete
  • manage access

Distribute applications

  • public availability: AppStore, Google Play store
  • private/corporate: Enterprise distribution

Sales Assist

Increase users engagement and brand recognition by creating contests/events.

Share your organization values and bond users with them.



  • user action
  •  receipt
  •  invoice
  • challenge entry

Enlarge user base, by distributing logged user content

  • login
  • register
  • reset password

Review users action

  • mark entries
    • accepted
    • awarded
    • for correction
  • allow users to correct their entry
    • validate entry
    • manually by moderator
    • automatically – external system integration

Available features:

  • Public entries voting
  • Google Maps integration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Custom Integrations available


Combine multiple services to create unified solution for users.

To provide seamless experience we’re able to integrate existing applications or services. Either for enterprise or customers make use of social networks inside your custom application.

Web Applications

Get end to end Web Application service. We’re able to provide solutions for desired product domains:


Prototyping, designing and developing user experience (UX) oraz user interface (UI) for custom applications.

We’re also experienced with working with clients UX/UI team


We’re making sure that applications will render properly on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. We’re using the best technical standards and cover most popular devices and resolutions – mobile phones (iPhone, Android), tablets (macOS, Android), computers (Windows, macOS)

Mobile applications

Experienced with developing mobile applications for years proudly presents full mobile applications design, development and support as a service. This includes support and maintenance of released applications, updates for new operating system support.

Custom solutions

For both main platforms currently available – iOS, Android.

We ensure compliance with system requirements, main features support. Privacy and best practices covered.

Store Management

We’re providing full stores administrations, for both AppStore and Google Play Store. This includes certificates, application submission, store review support, update, tests releases.

We’re also able to distribute applications „in house” – for enterprises and other non-store solutions.

Example of features
  • push notifications
  • maps integration – Google, Apple, etc.
  • social networks integrations – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.
  • custom integrations with external providers or other

Server applications

To ensure all frontend (web, mobile, etc) applications deliver best possible value we’re able to design, develop and support custom server applications.

Based on your need we will incorporate best market standards, frameworks, and security.

Available domains

  • storing and processing big data
  • media storing and management – images, videos
  • user management
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML)
  • Image processing

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